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Senior divorce on the rise in Arizona and beyond

Baby boomers in Arizona and elsewhere are known for being free spirits who make life-changing decisions based on their own emotions and goals rather than prescribed notions or the so-called rules society sets for them. After all, they're the original "make love not war" generation. It shouldn't be surprising then, that many members of this same generation are now filing for senior divorce, meaning severing marital ties after age 50.

The amount of official court filings has increased so much over the past couple decades, a new colloquial term has been attributed to the process. Getting divorced after turning 50 is now known as a gray divorce. Some say an increased life expectancy also has something to do with why so many couples seem to be splitting up later in life.

Rather than remain in a loveless or unfulfilled relationship for 20 or 30 years more, the fabulous at 50 crowd seems to be taking the reins into their own hands and venturing into their own new, single lifestyles. This creates several challenges regarding various divorce-related issues for some. In particular, the financial aspect of gray divorce can be quite complicated since retirement funds, 401Ks and other investment matters must be factored into the equation.

Adult children of parents who file for senior divorce are also often greatly impacted by their decisions. Some say they wish their parents had gone through with divorce decades earlier while others have a much more difficult time adapting to new family dynamics. With more people filing for gray divorce than ever, Arizona residents considering such ideas may want to consult with experienced family law attorneys ahead of time to avoid potential negative surprises regarding finances, division of community property or other important issues.

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