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Undertanding Arizona child custody and legal decision making

If you're one of many parents in Arizona preparing for divorce, you likely want to learn as much as you can about current laws that may affect the outcome of your case. Several years ago, Arizona removed the word custody from its statutes, which created a bit of confusion for some regarding post-divorce parenting situations. There's a difference between child custody and legal decision making, which is how state law now words things. The statutes also mentions parenting time rather than custody.

It's often best to seek clarification of applicable laws before heading to court. Most parents want what is best for their children and hope to achieve as smooth and efficient an outcome with their former spouses as possible when it comes time to develop a new parenting plan after marital ties are severed. While this may come easily to those whose post-divorce relationship remains amicable, others find it quite challenging due to severe communication breakdowns between parents.

An experienced family law attorney is usually a skilled negotiator who can help clients reach agreeable solutions to problems related to parenting time and legal decision making. Kimberly A. Staley, PLLC is committed to providing individualized service and assertive representation to help you move forward to a new, successful lifestyle after divorce. Protecting your rights as a parent and making sure your children's best interests are a main focal point throughout the divorce process is of highest priority.

Arizona judges typically agree with most others in the nation that children fare best after divorce when they are able to maintain healthy, active relationships with both parents. Creating an atmosphere where this is possible often calls for cooperation and compromise between adults. Acting alongside experienced guidance throughout the child custody and legal decision making process often prevents complications and keeps stress to a minimum.

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