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July 2017 Archives

Beware the adverse effects senior divorce can have on retirement

The number of people severing their marital ties in court at age 50 and beyond has doubled since 1990. There are many reasons for senior divorce, all of which tend to vary according to individual circumstances. One thing most older couples in Arizona who divorce have in common, however, is the tremendous challenge a late-in-life divorce presents where retirement plans and other financial matters are concerned.

Why might parental rights be terminated in divorce?

If there's one thing typically common amongst most people in Arizona and elsewhere who end their marriages in court, it's that if children are involved, challenges regarding custody and visitation may arise. In fact, in some situations, a central focus of divorce proceedings is whether a particular person should have his or her parental rights terminated. Every state has its own regulations regarding involuntary termination of a parent's rights.

Tap into resources for adoption preparation

Many Arizona parents choose to expand their families by welcoming children into their folds who were not biologically born to them. Adoption is the most viable option for many couples who are unable to conceive children in the womb. Other families may already have several biological children, but still wish to include others who are in need of forever families and homes.