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Women share their thoughts on senior divorce

A woman who was married for 24 years offered some observations a while back about the gamut of emotions late-life divorce typically evokes in people. She's one of many who secured a senior divorce who wants others to know it's not only possible to survive but to move forward to a new and happy lifestyle. The women say there are several things anyone in Arizona or elsewhere divorcing after age 60 can do to help minimize the negatives and accentuate the positives.

One woman said her mother told her she could either be bitter or better and she chose the latter. Some say they went through extended periods of grieving following their divorces as they had been with their spouses for so long, not being married to them any longer felt sort of like mourning a death. One of the women says that's very typical, and it's okay to grieve the loss as long as it doesn't keep a person from moving on in life.

Another woman said the feeling of loss often extends beyond the former marriage itself. Many who divorce late in life also experience declines in relationships with friends, extended family members and others in their close circles. Most people can overcome such sorrows, however, if they stay active, find new interests and make sure no lingering legal issues are impeding their steps toward happy futures.

If a senior divorce presents a legal obstacle of some sort, it may take longer than usual to work things out given the duration of the marriage. The longer a marriage has lasted, the more complex divorce issues can be. An Arizona family law attorney can assist anyone facing legal challenges in a gray divorce situation.

Source:, "60 Women Share their Advice for Surviving a Divorce After 60", Margaret Manning, Accessed on Aug. 24, 2017

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