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Would more of this help you hold down a job after divorce?

Some women in Arizona may be glad that many judges continue to award sole custody of children to mothers when marital ties are severed. Others, particularly those who need to work outside their homes to earn a living, say this trend does not benefit women; rather, it confines them to home and impedes their ability to enter the workforce. Advocates for change are suggesting the court should award shared custody in the majority of divorce situations.

In a shared parenting arrangement, children spend equal amounts of time (or as close to it as possible) with each of their parents. Studies show that children who spend ample time with both parents after divorce fare best in adapting to their new lifestyles. It may also help in navigating the roller-coaster of emotions most kids experience when their parents decide to call it quits in their marriages.

Many men seem to be on board with the idea of more shared parenting agreements. This may be because such circumstances often provide dads with far more time with their children than they'd otherwise have in a traditional visitation arrangement. Shared parenting is far from new in countries such as Sweden, where it has been the norm for quite some time.

A woman in Virginia who hopes to reform post-divorce custody guidelines in the United States says, when shared parenting is not the most viable option, it traps parents into antiquated systems that prevent them from moving forward toward successful post-divorce lives. Child-related issues often present challenges for parents attempting to achieve amicable divorce settlements. If a problem seems impossible to resolve without third-party intervention, a concerned Arizona parent may turn to an experienced family law attorney for support.

Source:, "Women's Equality Day: Shared Parenting Benefits Working Moms", Kristen Paasch, Aug. 29, 2017

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