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Can living in a retirement community cause senior divorce?

There are many reasons that a particular Arizona married couple may choose to sell their home and move to a retirement community. However, some believe doing so may actually cause marital decline, and perhaps even lead to divorce in many cases. Readers can make up their own minds as to whether communal retirement living may be a causal factor toward the steadily increasing numbers of senior divorce throughout the nation.

The author states that human beings are social creatures and tend to do as others do around them. Older married couples living in retirement communities may be isolated from mainstream culture, completely surrounded by peers their own age, with similar problems in health, finances and even marriage. Many believe that when aging couples see their retirement community friends severing marital ties, they are likely to do the same.

Peer influence is certainly not the only causal factor toward gray divorce, which is what the process of getting divorced after age 50 has come to be called. Several other issues may be pertinent as well. For instance, extended longevity means people live longer nowadays, which means marriages may last longer, which may be challenging. Women are typically more financially independent these days, and the fact that there's no longer as much stigma attached to divorce as there once was may also play a role in the rise of late-in-life divorce across the nation.

Regardless what exact reasons a particular Arizona spouse might have for seeking a senior divorce, there are bound to be challenges as the process unfolds. A family law attorney can advocate on one's behalf in court. Such representation often helps secure a fair and agreeable settlement no matter what the ages of those involved happen to be.

Source:, "The infectious effects of divorce and marriage", Luma Simms, Sept. 14, 2017

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