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Is senior divorce a topic in your conversations after 40 years?

Many adult children in Arizona are concerned about their aging parents. Some are helping mothers or fathers address adverse health-related issues. Others, however, are shocked and confused about another topic: senior divorce. These sons and daughters are wondering why their parents are deciding to call it quits on their marriages after 40 or more years.

It's reportedly a rising trend, and the reasons those who have severed their marital ties in court give for their decisions greatly vary, although there does appear to be certain common factors among them. Some say they had a difficult time living together after retirement. They found themselves unable to adjust to spending so much time together and simply decided to go their separate ways.

Others say they never really addressed unresolved issues that plagued their marriages for decades. After their kids were no longer living at home and they themselves entered their Golden Years, they determine the issues would likely never be resolved and decided to divorce rather than live with the tension any longer. Not all kids stay out of the house after growing up, apparently; adult children and grand-children moving back in also seems to place too much stress on many marriages, thus leading to gray divorce in many situations.

A woman who worked for 25 years helping people adapt to life after divorce said she was greatly dismayed when her own father, age 70, announced his intention to divorce her mother. It was the impetus that led to her writing a book on the topic when she realized how prevalent elder year divorce had become. Seeking senior divorce after decades of marriage can no doubt lead to some fairly complex legal problems. Consulting with an Arizona family law attorney before heading to court may help prevent many complications.

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