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October 2017 Archives

Can an extended work life prevent senior divorce?

Many Arizona residents who are currently age 50 and beyond married when they were in their early 20s. Since then, some have spent several decades raising children together, others have built successful businesses and some have accomplished both. In recent years, however, senior divorce has been on the rise, and many of the couples in this state and throughout the nation have headed for court to sever their marital ties.

4 tips to prepare for becoming a foster parent

So you are thinking about becoming a foster parent? This is a great ambition to have. You want to do what many people would never do. Becoming a foster parent is an incredible way to give children without parents a chance for a better life. You may be a little anxious or worried about the process, though. 

Overcoming potential negative consequences of divorce

No one can predict which Arizona marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. As no two situations are exactly the same, there is no way of knowing what particular issues may cause couples to divorce. Those facing these issues will want to be aware of potential negative impacts many studies show can arise as former spouses adapt to their new lifestyles.

Tips for taking the sting out of divorce

Ending a marriage in court is often a grueling process. Many types of issues can exacerbate an already stressful situation, such as those involving new parenting arrangements, property division matters or other financial disagreements. There are several things Arizona residents can do following divorce to help jump-start their new lifestyles and overcome any lingering negative vibes leftover from court proceedings.

Avoiding obstacles and delays in the adoption process

Many Arizona families welcome children from other families into their homes as their own. Adoption is often chosen as a most viable means for family expansion for various reasons, including many situations where prospective parents have been unable to conceive and bear biological children of their own. Others have biological children but wish to share their homes and lives with other children in need.