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Overcoming potential negative consequences of divorce

No one can predict which Arizona marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. As no two situations are exactly the same, there is no way of knowing what particular issues may cause couples to divorce. Those facing these issues will want to be aware of potential negative impacts many studies show can arise as former spouses adapt to their new lifestyles.

A main concern for many newly divorced people reportedly has to do with alcohol abuse. For some, an isolated incident brings about an abrupt end to a marriage, while others may have inklings over time that things are headed for divorce. In either situation, there may be emotional wounds to heal and feelings of depression that could lead those with propensities for misuse of alcohol to some bad habits. Studies also suggest that those who remarry are less likely to have alcohol-related problems associated with their divorces.

Alcohol abuse is known to cause many adverse effects in people's lives. However, not many stop to consider how such trends may cause financial hardships in divorce. For instance, if a person ordered to pay child support is spending all his or her money on booze, it could wind up causing a serious legal problem if sufficient funds are not available to send payments on time.

With regard to alcohol abuse following divorce, those at greatest risk seem to be those with a family history of alcoholism, as well as those whose former marriages did not include partners who had drinking problems. There are many support networks available to assist those seeking help for alcohol abuse issues. An Arizona family law attorney can help someone overcome divorce issues that are alcohol-related.

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