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Tips for taking the sting out of divorce

Ending a marriage in court is often a grueling process. Many types of issues can exacerbate an already stressful situation, such as those involving new parenting arrangements, property division matters or other financial disagreements. There are several things Arizona residents can do following divorce to help jump-start their new lifestyles and overcome any lingering negative vibes leftover from court proceedings.

Some say surviving the divorce process is enough to warrant a splurge. Those who had to battle their spouses every step of the way during marriage to make any types of purchases at all seem to gain particular satisfaction out of buying something new for themselves once their divorces are finalized. For them, it's a way of embracing their independence and freedom to make their own financial decisions as the future unfolds.

It may also help minimize post-divorce pains to focus on one's career. Perhaps, a spouse sacrificed a promotion or other workplace opportunity during marriage that is still available for pursuit. Some people quit their jobs and set out to fulfill their dreams of launching their own businesses.

Developing new hobbies, renewing old friendships and otherwise focusing on personal interests and goals can help a newly divorced person create a solid foundation on which to build a successful, new lifestyle. Divorce issues have a way of resurfacing at times, no matter how hard someone works to move forward in life. If a dispute arises or a problem occurs regarding an existing court order, assistance can be sought from an experienced Arizona family law attorney.

Source: New York Daily News, "How to relaunch your life after a divorce", Jacqueline Newman, Oct. 10, 2017

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