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Overcoming potential negative consequences of divorce

No one can predict which Arizona marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. As no two situations are exactly the same, there is no way of knowing what particular issues may cause couples to divorce. Those facing these issues will want to be aware of potential negative impacts many studies show can arise as former spouses adapt to their new lifestyles.

Tips for taking the sting out of divorce

Ending a marriage in court is often a grueling process. Many types of issues can exacerbate an already stressful situation, such as those involving new parenting arrangements, property division matters or other financial disagreements. There are several things Arizona residents can do following divorce to help jump-start their new lifestyles and overcome any lingering negative vibes leftover from court proceedings.

Would more of this help you hold down a job after divorce?

Some women in Arizona may be glad that many judges continue to award sole custody of children to mothers when marital ties are severed. Others, particularly those who need to work outside their homes to earn a living, say this trend does not benefit women; rather, it confines them to home and impedes their ability to enter the workforce. Advocates for change are suggesting the court should award shared custody in the majority of divorce situations.

Approaching divorce during back-to-school time

From purchasing clothes for school to buying school supplies and trying to help your child adjust to his or her new schedule, back-to-school time can be especially tough for parents. However, if you are going to be splitting up with your spouse, this time of year may be especially challenging. At the law firm of Kimberly A. Staley, we know how vital it is for parents to do what they can to make the divorce process easier for themselves as well as their children.

How a new, blended family may affect an old divorce

Many Arizona families include stepparents. Nowadays, blended families are fairly common, with more traditional, iconic style nuclear families fading fast into the past. Getting married again after divorce, and building strong and happy relationships among step-siblings and/or stepparents can be quite challenging; in fact, sometimes, it leads to problems in other areas, such as existing parenting agreements from prior marriages.

Beware the adverse effects senior divorce can have on retirement

The number of people severing their marital ties in court at age 50 and beyond has doubled since 1990. There are many reasons for senior divorce, all of which tend to vary according to individual circumstances. One thing most older couples in Arizona who divorce have in common, however, is the tremendous challenge a late-in-life divorce presents where retirement plans and other financial matters are concerned.

Why might parental rights be terminated in divorce?

If there's one thing typically common amongst most people in Arizona and elsewhere who end their marriages in court, it's that if children are involved, challenges regarding custody and visitation may arise. In fact, in some situations, a central focus of divorce proceedings is whether a particular person should have his or her parental rights terminated. Every state has its own regulations regarding involuntary termination of a parent's rights.