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Can an extended work life prevent senior divorce?

Many Arizona residents who are currently age 50 and beyond married when they were in their early 20s. Since then, some have spent several decades raising children together, others have built successful businesses and some have accomplished both. In recent years, however, senior divorce has been on the rise, and many of the couples in this state and throughout the nation have headed for court to sever their marital ties.

A senior divorce complicated by assets, debt and a mistress

Many readers may currently be experiencing marriage problems. Arizona residents are definitely not immune to a rising trend sweeping the nation known as gray divorce. This topic pertains to those who untie their knots at age 50 or beyond. Although not every person who does so happens to be a billionaire, such as famed developer, Harry Macklowe, even those of average means may relate to some of the complications commonly associated with senior divorce.

Can living in a retirement community cause senior divorce?

There are many reasons that a particular Arizona married couple may choose to sell their home and move to a retirement community. However, some believe doing so may actually cause marital decline, and perhaps even lead to divorce in many cases. Readers can make up their own minds as to whether communal retirement living may be a causal factor toward the steadily increasing numbers of senior divorce throughout the nation.

Is senior divorce a topic in your conversations after 40 years?

Many adult children in Arizona are concerned about their aging parents. Some are helping mothers or fathers address adverse health-related issues. Others, however, are shocked and confused about another topic: senior divorce. These sons and daughters are wondering why their parents are deciding to call it quits on their marriages after 40 or more years.

Women share their thoughts on senior divorce

A woman who was married for 24 years offered some observations a while back about the gamut of emotions late-life divorce typically evokes in people. She's one of many who secured a senior divorce who wants others to know it's not only possible to survive but to move forward to a new and happy lifestyle. The women say there are several things anyone in Arizona or elsewhere divorcing after age 60 can do to help minimize the negatives and accentuate the positives.

Senior divorce on the rise for empty nesters

It's often said that children are the glue that keeps marriage together, especially when spouses have spent several decades together and have evolved into very different people from whom they were when they first got married. For many people, perhaps including some in Arizona, this amounts to having nothing left in common except the parenting aspect of a relationship. Many say this is a main reason senior divorce is on the rise throughout the nation.

Senior divorce on the rise in Arizona and beyond

Baby boomers in Arizona and elsewhere are known for being free spirits who make life-changing decisions based on their own emotions and goals rather than prescribed notions or the so-called rules society sets for them. After all, they're the original "make love not war" generation. It shouldn't be surprising then, that many members of this same generation are now filing for senior divorce, meaning severing marital ties after age 50.