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Time with both parents may help solve child custody issues

When married couples with children divorce, they've often got their work cut out for them with regard to developing amicable parenting plans. Arizona parents may be interested in results from various studies that suggest there may be a way to help children better adapt to new lifestyles when their parents decide they no longer want to be married to each other. Years ago, it was often assumed that mothers would get physical custody of their children. Nowadays, many fathers have child custody privileges as well.

Undertanding Arizona child custody and legal decision making

If you're one of many parents in Arizona preparing for divorce, you likely want to learn as much as you can about current laws that may affect the outcome of your case. Several years ago, Arizona removed the word custody from its statutes, which created a bit of confusion for some regarding post-divorce parenting situations. There's a difference between child custody and legal decision making, which is how state law now words things. The statutes also mentions parenting time rather than custody.

3 ways to ease tension during high-conflict custody exchanges

When you and your ex share parenting time of your kids, you will have some interaction with each other. For many people, these interactions are brief, polite and limited to the context of custody exchanges.